it's 2003. where the hell is my flying car?

I was up at the extended (and somewhat distant) relatives' for Thanksgiving. They're a sane and loving bunch, so it's always a good time. Everyone's mellowed a lot over the past year, for any number of reasons, so they seem happier. I guess I am, too. The kids eventually acknowledged my existence (it took the usual three or four hours); the girls enjoyed putting stuff on my head, and the boys seemed to be on a kick of crawling under the table and untying shoelaces. The girls play in part by way of hitting, at least with guys, since they both have older brothers, and one adorable little harpy-in-training managed to scratch my nose.

I'm feeling more myself lately. A lot of my crankiness lately seems to be healthy, and more to do with the fact that I don't feel the ecstasy and carefreedom I had earlier in the year. It's still there, just layered under some other crap.

Shut up and have some more turkey.