space aliens and Indian food.

I started my day with an early aikido class, wherein I dropped a 200-pound man on my little toe, with the impact coming from his elbow. I don't recommend it--nothing broken, I don't think, but my toe hurts and is a hideous shade of dark purple. Lesson One: get the hell out of the way.

My choral concert is tomorrow, and even after the dress rehearsal today I don't have that level of confidence that I like to have going into a performance. I'm viewing it as a learning opportunity: this is the music I can give, in the state it's in (which is quite listenable), and I just get up on stage and go for it.

Lovely dinner at home tonight, mostly cooked by a couple of my housemate's friends who have taken up Indian food as an intense hobby. Talked a bit with housemate's visiting friend, who (so I'm told) thinks she's a space alien. It's interesting to try and have conversations with people I haven't known for years, trying to feel out the connections or communication happening or failing. I think I'm not at my most approachable these days, and that's on purpose...but "approachable" isn't really a character trait so much as a momentary function of circumstances. Still, I'm wary of connecting with new people. I still feel like I just go in a series of lovers and friends and don't really change anything in me, and I don't feel that's really how I want to be.