you're the reason we can't have nice things.

I bought a tuxedo tonight, for the choral show on Sunday. It wasn't really in line with my vision of not spending lots of money these days, but on the other hand it wasn't nearly as expensive as I would have thought: just over $300 for the suit, shirt, and tie and cummerbund. I highly, highly recommend Men's Wearhouse for any nice clothing. The service is phenomenal, at least as good as advertised, and the tuxedo was substantially cheaper than at Nordstrom Rack, where I was originally headed.

Avoiding work today (work is, sadly, still exciting, and I think my boss is getting frustrated with me), I hit up Google for people I knew in my far, far distant past, as a kid in Springfield. Not much luck, and they're all pretty distinctive names, so I guess they found better things to do with their lives than make web pages. I did find one guy who used to live a couple blocks from me, who has a sideline as a singer-songwriter and is now in grad school. I sent him an email, and laughed to see that we don't bother mentioning that we've already looked each other up in search engines. I wrote, "how's the singer-songwriter thing going? saw that you're in grad school--what are you studying?". He said, without preface, "Wouldn't mind hearing about the sailing trip to Mexico sometime." We haven't talked in at least 15 years, and the magic of the Internet smoothes everything out by not requiring an actual conversation to catch up.

I feel pretty good, except for being 20 pounds heavier than I think I'd like (not that this has yet driven me to do something about it, but I feel like I'm getting there). Life abides.