For some reason I find this page compelling and funny.

I'm still sick, but I went to aikido today anyway, because I haven't gone since last week and I figured I could handle it. Except for running out of air it was fine and fun, if kind of thumpy--my back is stiff and I'm not rolling very smoothly these days. I am relaxing more and more these days, though, so rolling is easier, and my techniques are doing pretty well.

Conversation at lunch turned to the various torn ligaments and muscles people have had. Apparently there's this one really good orthopedic surgeon that many people in the dojo have gone to, who is remarkable both for being a good surgeon, and that he's an athlete himself and tries to avoid people having surgery if he can, preferring physical therapy and other less-invasive solutions, knowing that the more you cut something the less well it works afterwards. Got me thinking about the grinding in my left knee and the periodic pain I get, and I think I may make an appointment with him to get it checked out. Seems he's booked up for ski season, though.

I cleaned my room yesterday, to the point of washing everything including the futon cover, then clearing off my floor and sweeping, which seems to be something I need to do more often.

I'm going to go to bed and ignore the world now.