culture failure, and too much time to think.

I tried to go to the massive Chagall exhibit today, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I gave up, because the general admission line was about two blocks long, and I decided I could find a way to leave work early in the first half of next week and go see it then. Instead I had a nice time walking around, reading a little bit, having a nice cup of coffee and a croissant at Torrefazione. Got home and still had an entire day to waste.

It's very chilly here, around 42-45F, with frost warnings. I've brought my little maple bonsai inside--being maple trees, I'm told they can handle frost, but I just root-pruned and repotted them less than a week ago, so I think they don't need additional shock.

So much irritation, anger...comes very easily, and has no productive use. Good thing I'm back to doing aikido, I guess.