so much sunlight.

I've taken a real shine to the TV series Joan of Arcadia, about a teenage girl who talks to God. I think CBS took it on hoping to grab the audience of Touched By An Angel, a sappy, Hallmark-quality feel-good drama that was insipid and thoughtless, and consequently popular. So I watched Joan of Arcadia with some apprehension, well aware of its suck potential. But it was good! It was thoughtful and not unctuously reassuring! I mean, sure, one of the premises is that God exists, but there are no miracles: God has apparently made the universe with a set of rules, one of which is, at least now, "No Miracles". So he asked Joan to do seemingly random things that have neat repercussions. And God's a wiseass, appearing to Joan in the guise of strangers, in this scene in a bookstore as an old woman (Kathryn Joosten, who kicks ass):

<Joan> How did you get in here? Did you just...pop in, or something?
<God> I don't "pop". I abide. I am eternal. No..."popping".
Anyway, good show, Friday nights on CBS. I recommend it.

I went sailing today, since some of my housemate's family was in town. Lots of fun, but damn, sunshine makes me tired.