Al Franken had a wonderful interview on Fresh Air, talking a bit about politics in general and his new book. Highly recommended.

Work has been a bit frustrating, since I'm rewriting an application I already wrote a few months ago, and people keep asking if it's done yet and I keep getting more pissed off. And Jerry, my boss, is on vacation until a week from Tuesday. We have a bunch of systems, dauntingly complex, and my experience the last time he went on vacation was that everything kept running because he can catch shit before it hits the ground. I'm better equipped now, though, and I think I sort of know how everything works. I imagine it'll be fine.

After a bit of a talk, it was suggested to me that one of my more appealing traits is to just be pissy or happy without apologizing or worrying about what other people think. I feel better, I guess, and everyone else can just deal. Which is sort of the point.

So tired. Bed now.