I'm doing pretty well with my light-zazen/sutra-reading routine. I guess it keeps my feet on the Path, even if I've got my eyes closed and I'm stumbling drunk.

RIP Giant Dog-Eating Catfish.

I'm giving myself one more night of vegetating before I kick myself out of the house and back into the world as best I can. I got shit to do. And I can only take so much of this reclusion routine.

I was startled to encounter this NY Times column, allegedly about ethics. There are some fascinating assumptions in there: first, that the people parking their cars do not actually need the cars; second, that the author, living and/or working in Manhattan, has some kind of right to walk down automobile-free streets. Why should his tax dollars, as a pedestrian, be used to maintain an on-street parking lot for others? Well, why should my tax dollars, as a car driver, be used to maintain his stupid sidewalk? Or his public transportation system?

That's not really how societies work. I wonder if people take him seriously, and will start using "unethical" to mean "incredibly annoying and inconvenient".

Apparently we had a small earthquake this evening. I kinda wonder how big a quake would have to be before I noticed: I'm not very sensitive to vibration, because I just figure it's my body twitching, and on top of that, trains running near the house can shake it a bit.

Sorry. I don't really have anything to say.