woke up this morning.

I did not get myself a gun.

It's a song.

Hmm...experiments with literature...

Yee-fucking-haw. Bastion of freedom, my ass. Fuckers.

Holy crap. This article by a bouncer is wonderful. Excerpt:

What's going to happen is this: The person whose face you're encroaching upon--usually the smallest guy on staff gets the most shit, like in a chimpanzee colony--is going to get on the radio and call for backup. Much like a professional hockey team, most security staffs have someone who doesn't get a lot of playing time, might not be too adept at the finesse points, but will gladly come off the bench and beat your ass, strictly for the love of the game.

Today was, apparently, "look stupid in front of Sensei" day at the dojo. We did weapons outside in the parking lot, because it was brutally hot inside. Friday night is always a smaller class--most people have other things to do--which is nice, Sensei has more time to help us out. Magically, when he looked at me and my partner, I was always doing the technique, and wrong. Ah well. I'm not here to impress people. And it's a good thing, too.

I sound like my dad. This isn't new, but it crops up now and again. My older brother does, too--little brother (he's only 24) still has a little ways to go before really coming into it, but he's got several of the traits. It's amusing and amazing that mannerisms of speech and facial expression are transmitted so completely. I don't find it particularly bothersome, since we're all different people--that's part of the phenomenon, too, that we share so many outward mannerisms but are such very different people.

One fun aspect of the new house is that I now get the array of HBO/Showtime/Cinemax et al., so if I choose, I can end my day with G-String Divas (a reality show similar to The Real World, only with strippers instead of hip twentysomethings). Yesterday I caught the last 5 minutes of Lady Chatterley's Stories--an awful, awful, awful soft-porn series (actually it may just be porn). I can flip back and forth between this and Spider-Man.