mmm, moving.

I've had a generally lovely day, starting with cleaning out my car and having breakfast at Diggery Inn with Laura. Packing, for me, actually takes the form of cleaning: I have containers for most things, so if I just clean my room thoroughly, I end up putting stuff in bags and boxes naturally. It's nice also to not be in a hurry, since I don't start renting the new place until July 1st, but I have my place in Houseness until July 22nd or so. Nonetheless it would be nice to be moved and not drag it out, and as the loved one says, I'm not really going to want to be around here too much once it's possible for me to sleep in Redwood City.

I did reach my father today, although not my brother, who's typically impossible to reach. It's like his kids take priority or something.

Come to think of it, I can rarely get in touch with either of my brothers. Punks.

I'm considering a trip out East to see everybody. I realize it costs a big chunk of money, but considering I get free food and lodging when I'm there, it's not like it's that much. And that was the purpose of getting a decent job, not just to enable me to do aikido and eat sushi and Indian food, but to get out and see the family a bit more often. I saw them a bunch last year for various reasons, but now it's been almost six months and that feels a bit too long. It'd be nice to see the family babies, too, so I can see how they're growing up and they can remember who I am.

I also have a standing invitation to visit a second cousin in Hawaii someplace. So many options.

I'm somewhat afraid of moving my bed. It's a futon, but it's sort of the Futon To End All Futons, a semistandard frame design made of some superdense wood that is heavier than oak. (Technically it folds up into a couch, but I think the last time I tried it I broke off a couple of plastic rollers that helped the process, so I'm not sure how well it would work now.) It's also an innerspring futon pad, so it's more comfortable for me than a normal batting futon pad would be, although it's well due for a replacement of some sort (not going to happen until I pay off my seemingly-unending credit card debt). I'm sure I can get friends to help me take it apart and get it downstairs, but in fact I don't know what vehicle I'm going to use to move it, since the biggest part is longer than will fit in my car, and I suspect the cars of most of my friends. I suspect someone with a station wagon will get to have a couple feet of it hanging out the back.

I'm throwing out a terrific amount of stuff. Papers, junk, things I imagine I might have a use for someday, but really, they're small things and if I need one I'll beg, borrow, buy, or steal it somehow. It's much more worth it to me to just have less stuff around, have my life be simpler. Honestly, I don't need 5 PS/2 mice, 2 1200bps modems from 1989, or a nasty polyester suit that Mona made me buy once for some retro party (I hate getting costumed up, and have for many, many years). Really. Never gonna use them again.

Moving is good.