So this someone in Alabama, I'm not clear who, put up a stone monument to the Ten Commandments. It's up before a federal appeals court right now.

In December, a federal judge ruled the monument unconstitutional, saying it went too far to promote religion. Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore thinks the exact opposite, saying without God, human rights are only based on government.
I'm glad we cleared that up. If we didn't consider God the basis of human rights, we might start cutting taxes for the rich instead of fighting poverty, or depriving people (children! won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!) of education and health care. We might start holding people incommunicado on an island somewhere (with rumors floating about that we're planning to install a death row and execution chamber for the military tribunals), or charging people with capital crimes while witholding potentially exculpatory witnesses. But we have God as the basis for all human rights.

Oh. Crap.