too much espresso makes a man mean.

I took some time tonight to catch up on The West Wing, which I highly recommend as one of the best hours in the history of television. It's what television should have been but almost never is.

In my adventures I am discovering something odd, helpful, and perhaps a bit unsettling; and that is that simply being myself, without mood or pretense, doesn't really feel like much of anything at all. If I am being myself, I don't feel like I'm being anyone in particular. I feel no stress, no pressure; in fact I feel little to no obligation at all. There's a powerful lack of constraint in being myself, as each moment glows, ready to explode in an infinite possibility. It borders close to recklessness, but it's not, it's something much greater and much more creative and dynamic. No past and no future, just a limitless now with all of me in it.