inappropriate fruit.

I was looking at my web server logs and finding that people reach this journal through the most bizarre Google searches. Some day when my hands don't hurt I'll write a script to make links of them all.

I'm excited for my test Thursday. It's hard to be nervous because I know the material so well; mostly I'm worried about doing the basic, step-by-step versions of the techniques, rather than the (sometimes) sloppier, faster ways I'm more used to at this point. It'll be fine, though.

I discovered yesterday that this stupid thing at work, where they want me to be there for a full 8 hours so people feel better, regardless of how it affects my work, really pushes a lot of buttons, and I want to respond the way I did when I was younger, and I really didn't have any control, input, power, or options. My native urge is to be very difficult just on principle; but I'm finding other responses which, if not entirely cooperative and compliant, are more productive, like writing down when I come in and leave, so if this comes up again I have a record I can point to. And I will do my best to appear interesting in Thursday's meeting.

Pfft. And they say I'm not a team player.

I want to cuddle with a nice warm girl and sleep for a week.