have a mood swing. they taste like chicken.

So Kelly was right, and I'm just paranoid and insecure. We had an odd dojo night today, with an impromptu field trip up to Richmond (long story) to do weapons practice on a patch of grass that was, according to Big Jeff and Jason, an 8-minute walk from the parking. Closer to 20, but who's counting.

Anyway. Turns out I just sort of slipped by, and I'm taking my 5th kyu test on, um, Thursday. A week from today. Which gives me not a lot of time to feel ready, but that's not really the point. I am ready, and probably no amount of preparation will make me feel it. But I can polish stuff up a bit--I've been doing a lot of non-basic practice over the past couple months, so I have to be slow and patient and do the basic versions for the coming week.

The timing of this with my willingness to let go of the importance of testing astounds me. It's very much like the way I suddenly acquire a girlfriend every time I really decide I'm okay without one. Tonight would have happened regardless: I would have found out that there is no dojo-wide conspiracy, just bad timing and everyone being busy, and I would have ended up being closer to my test. But like the girlfriend thing, it happened after I let go of it. The universe is so much fun.

Yep, life is good. It was good even when I felt like ass. It's wonderful.