See, this is really the problem. The photo of Saddam is great, though. Ooh, and another one. Boy, are we ever screwed if they're right and this really is the End Times, huh? Oh, wait. We're screwed anyway.

Who wants a drink?

It always feels like the end of the world, and it never is.

I encountered an interesting discussion of how the US is a republic and not a democracy. Pretty thoughtful, with quotes from the Framers.

I decided to train tonight, so I went and trained at Aikido West even though I was tired and hungry. I had my first-ever Red Bull tonight--good God, it's disgusting. It tastes like watery grape soda with unhealthy chemicals in it (Rachel's experience was "rancid apple juice"). I was sleepy and hungry, so I had a Red Bull and a 7-11 hot dog (there's a 7-11 right next to the dojo), which was Oscar Meyer and definitely had that "this is absolutely not a kosher all-beef hot dog" taste. A couple of sheriff squad cars were there, and the cops were outside eating and drinking, and as I walked by them I held the Red Bull up and said, "Have you ever had this? It's awful." One of them responded, "That looks like the dinner of champions, right there."

They seemed pretty nice. One of them was talking about this new lighter-weight body armor he was wearing and how it's a good thing people don't swing baseball bats at him (I guess the thicker vests are better for baseball bats). There was a woman who seemed kinda grim, but pleasantly surprised that I smiled at her. Not that I'm particularly fond of cops, but I respect that they put themselves at risk to keep me from having to carry a gun (kind of a goofy way to look at it, but in the absence of law enforcement I'm not about to let people get away with killing me). And even if they're sometimes arrogant neo-fascists with serious control issues, they're still people and probably pretty friendly.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm sort of sleepy by nature, and no chemical short of an amphetamine will actually perk me up and make me feel really energetic. Caffeine, energy drinks, ephedra don't do it, or have minimal effect. I'm not sure if the Red Bull was responsible for my being dehydrated and breathing hard in class--probably not--but since it tastes like absolute ass and it had no positive effect, we'll never know because I'll likely never drink it again.

I can't decide if I should wear the red briefs all day tomorrow, or wear boxers most of the day and then change into the briefs for class. Fortunately that's the most difficult decision I have to make in the next week or two, I think.