voice from the dark places.

Prepare your armies
Build up your walls
Dig your trenches
Beat your plowshares into swords

Raise up your great warhorses
Beat your armor to shape
Beat the drums, call the people to you
I am here

I will pull down your fortress
I will burn your villages
I bring the cup of Chaos
And I pour it out on your people

I will darken the sun
I will set the land aflame
My joy is in destruction
And my power is in pain

Bring me your armies
Bring me your towers
Your swords and your spears
Your shields and siege engines

Let them burn
Let you burn with them
The world reduced to rubble
Smoldering ash under your blackened star

Ask as you like
Why my revel is death
No one can answer you
They do not know

I have no reason, no cause
I have no First Mover
I am in you and of you and beyond you
I am destruction, of itself, for nothing.