I'd never set foot in San Francisco. Of all the Sodoms and Gomorrahs in our modern world, it is the worst. It needs another quake, another whiff of fire--and--more than all else--a steady trade wind of grapeshot. That moral penal colony of the world. -- Ambrose Bierce

Holy crap, my body hurts. When I went to bed my neck was stiff and I couldn't turn to the left; when I woke up, I couldn't turn to the right, and it was worse. And my knee hurts like hell. Or it did. I wrote someone an email and started thinking about some feelings I've been putting off, and I think I just need a bit of simple admitting things to myself. Which I started to, and now my knee feels better--felt better immediately, in fact.

I appreciate this connection between body and mind, even if I feel like a hostage sometimes. "Hah! You will deal with this or I'll make your legs feel like they're going to split under your weight!". Charming.

This song has me written all over it. It's really pretty.

Let's hear it for my parents. They're nice. In our family growing up I definitely would have won the award for Most Likely to Make Parents Cock Their Heads and Go "Huh?" (probably still, although I have stiff competition from my little brother, and a couple of cousins if you want to add them in), and they react always with grace and aplomb and, most importantly, love. So yay.

I left the office around 2:15pm today. Jerry had gone to work from home, and the uberboss left for the weekend, and since there was no one I needed to talk to I decided to go home. Unfortunately Amy, one of the other team members, noticed I was gone and emailed Jerry "with her concerns". I'm waiting to see what that means, exactly; there may be a Discussion[tm], for which I am well prepared (why do I need to be the only one in the office?). Dad seemed confident that this was Jerry's way of starting a conversation, so in an unusual lack of stubbornness, I emailed him to see. I originally said, "Is there a problem?", but realized the proper question is "Is everything okay?". We'll see how it turns out.

Maybe I'm a little less tired now? It's hard to tell, but I think maybe I'm on the right track.