You read the news. I don't need to comment.

Well, I hadn't planned to comment. Except apparently a few people I know have been arrested. I'm not sure I care, though, since at least one of them has repeatedly said she's proud to be part of violent protests, and there were whispers that they or the people they went with were carrying weapons. To a peace protest. Right. As far as I'm concerned anyone who showed up to break shit or purposefully fight with police or firefighters can just spend a night in jail. Or more. How dumb can you get? Like harassing a thoroughly liberal city like San Francisco is going to affect the judgement of a bunch of apocalyptic Southern Protestants.

The update is that they were being peaceful and trying to disperse, but SFPD cornered them, initiated beating some people up front, and then arrested everybody. That version comes from a trustworthy source.

    13:53 <dr.jd> there is absolutely no way for the sfpd to come out of
                        this looking good and still do anything remotely
                        close to their jobs 

Curiously, with the chaos of the world, I still have deadlines at work and people are still coming to watch movies at my house this weekend.

Have a laugh. The best part of this for me is the letter from the general.

I treated myself to sushi and a trip to Rasputin's used CD racks tonight. I got Lo-Fidelity Allstars, How To Operate With A Blown Mind (kinda electronic-rock, I think); Deepsky, In Silico (trance-ish); Heather Nova, Siren (indie folksinger-type: an addition to my College Lesbian CD collection); Nickel Creek, This Side (neo-bluegrass, but a style all their own); Crystal Method, Tweekend (more electronic-rock) and Nerissa & Katryna Nields, Love and China (uh...folk with rock and country influences, I guess). The Nields all worked at Loomis for my four years there: David, Nerissa's husband, was a theater and English teacher as well as the guitarist, and is back to doing that at another New England private school, which is wonderful, because he's a brilliant teacher. I don't really know why the band reduced itself, but I was surprised to see two different Nields albums in the used stack, and I bought the one I didn't already have. I'm pleased to report that I'm very happy with all six albums.

And another day passes wherein I fail to call my parents. Hi, guys.

My body hurts. It's the cost of processing a lot of emotional stuff now that I can feel a powerful connection between my mind and my body. Mostly it's random shooting pains all over; the notable difference seems to be my right knee, which hurts enough that I'm actually going to make the obligatory useless visit to the doctor on Monday, just to say I did it. He won't be able to do anything, but he might refer me to an orthopedist or something. Who probably also won't be able to do anything, although if he or she were to order some X-rays that might give some insight on the problem. I suspect I really need something more like acupuncture, which I should be looking into.

Discovered today that the lumbar support on my car seat is broken, which is why driving is not entirely comfortable. Back to the body shop tomorrow morning. I hope they can just fix it on the spot with a screwdriver, but I'm not holding my breath. And I still have to deal with the medical bills, do my taxes, and I need to get me to the dentist, too.

Fuck this Real Life shit. Contrary to what everyone tells you growing up, the real hassle of adulthood is not supporting yourself and paying bills and holding down a job. No, what kills you is the fucking paperwork.

And yet, I'm still fine, even as I'm cranky and bewildered and GOOD GOD SO SLEEPY. It's all just stuff, and what matters is whatever I'm doing, moment to moment.