half a brick short of a hod.

If you don't know what "hod" means, why didn't you look it up?

I'm crabby and moody. I feel like something's bugging me, but I don't know what; mostly I'm happy that I notice anything's wrong at all. It's not hard to chalk it up to being unreasonably tired: I woke up at 4:30am this morning, awake and alert, and falling back asleep after that wasn't quite satisfying. There are also plenty of things in my life I could be spazzing about right now. Whatever. It'll come up. I'm almost ready for bed.

I have a sort of simple, dull project at work, and with my current headspace of being very tired all the time and feeling busy and like life is a little blurry, I'm not really bothering with keeping a big-picture image of the system in my head, instead tackling it in micro-tasks that I can push myself to finish. This seems to be working, and I think I'll actually hit my deadline on Thursday (a rarity for me and every other software engineer). It occurred to me this week that I actually like designing systems, and would like to do more of it; but Jerry likes designing systems too, and he has dreams of hiring another engineer so he can just design stuff and the engineers can implement it. This makes me reconsider exactly how many years I'll be working there, if chances of promotion or at least somewhat increased responsibility aren't what I thought they were. Whatever. I want to go to bed.

Maybe it's a secret that's bugging me. I'll definitely feel better sharing it tomorrow.

Bleh. I'm going to bed.