not a moment to lose, and no hurry.

Holy crap. You must read through that entire site.

No need for McCarthyism when we're perfectly capable of blacklisting people without government prompting. I swear if Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would blow his brains out on the steps of the Capitol building. For fuck's sake.

Looks like somebody went on a bender.

I woke up in an undisclosed location on the Peninsula this morning, and started meandering my way into work around 10. Had I kept my regular morning schedule I could have been in the office at 8:30am, but I couldn't see a single valid reason to do that. The big secret about showing up early or working late is that, much like the grades you got in high school, no one gives a rat's ass. Intelligent people don't care if you show up at 9:00 or 9:04; they care that the work gets done and you're fulfilling all the responsibilities of your job (which for most of us include being available so people can ask us questions and give us more work). You're working at a job, not pursuing your Eagle Scout badge. In the end it really doesn't matter.

This was particularly true today since Jerry was working from home on orders from the uberboss, so he could crank out a bunch of code without getting interrupted every five minutes like he does in the office. I guess he tried to call me, though, because when I got back from the meeting I was 45 minutes late for (I was volunteered to take care of our bulk mail server), I found an email saying "Where are you?". There may be a Conversation[tm] on Monday. But probably not, especially if there appears to have been progress on the project.

So the day was pretty chill, and I got a little bit done, and to top it all off I decided to leave around 4 to stop at Costco and get home early and in time for class. And when I got home, my weapons case had arrived and Rachel found my other fingerless glove. It's been a good day.

Aikido...I've fallen in love with it, completely head over heels, so to speak. It is and will remain the primary focus in my life. It's so elegant, so expansive and expressive: the way we perform techniques becomes, with time, an extension of our inmost selves, not our mood or our feelings but our soul, how we approach the world, the manner in which we navigate our everyday lives. The idea that there is a solution beyond conflict, giving up on the idea that we must wrestle and attempt to destroy each other in order to solve the problem, this drive towards harmony suffuses our thinking and informs how we deal with others and our selves. When I felt the onset of the Martian Death Flu which has been going around, I felt my susceptibility to it, and other things in my body, as a direct reflection of my mental and emotional states; to fend it off, rather than view myself as being in combat with it, I kept my mind clear and gave my body some tools to stay healthy, mostly decent food, rest, zinc, and staying relaxed. *poof* No Martian Death Flu for me.

I think tonight I may have figured out how to roll correctly (I have a moratorium on rolling on my right shoulder until it's healed and I know I'm rolling correctly and I'm not going to separate it again). It feels a little goofy in the setup, but it's quiet and doesn't hurt.

I was slightly moody last night, and then I wasn't, and I was all prepared to be moody today, but what the hell. What's to be moody about? Everything is moving along, and I can either waste my energy fighting the Universe, or go with it.

The tendons and joints on my left hand are hurting, so I think I'll stay off the computer for the most part this weekend.