I had dinner with Ann tonight and talked about myself and how my life's going right now, and damned if it wasn't just the most exhausting thing. I want to communicate all this stuff to my friends, but there's so much of it and words don't do it justice that it just makes me really tired.

My first deadline was today, and it came and passed without my software being quite done. I've lost probably 2 days' worth of working time to stupid Windows lossage--crucial applications suddenly stop working and arbitrarily start working again after a half dozen reboots. For there to be any justice in the world I really think Bill Gates deserves a kick in the crotch at least once a week for dominating the world with shitty, shitty software.

At least my boss is understanding, inasfar as possible with the hard and soft milestones we have to hit. I still have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow.

I am very sleepy and tired, and life is a bit of a blur.