I'm watching Animal House, still one of my all-time favorites. It's a really wonderful movie, with good performances and script. I'm not really into intense arty films these days: more or less all the movies I watch are pretty light entertainment, either comedies or things with swordfighting or explosions. I'll come back to the more artistic stuff eventually.

I usually catch Animal House on TV, where naturally it has to be cut for broadcast. Besides the profanity, it's much better with the various naked breast scenes. (Seriously. They give the movie a lot of integrity.)

I've been a bit moody and antisocial since the accident, especially since right before that I had been traveling and starting a new job, and right now the job has been busy and I haven't been able to do enough aikido. What I'm discovering is that I've learned how to be unhappy without being miserable. If I'm feeling sad or regretful, I'm just feeling that, and it's there and then it goes. I prefer being energetic and in a good mood, but hey, whatever.

I'm getting some bodywork tomorrow. Mmmmmmmmm.