I got in a car accident last night, on the way to the dojo. I was stopped at the traffic light at the end of the Powell Street offramp, and a big fucking Chevy Tahoe (a large-ish SUV sort of thing) rear-ended me, sending me into the van in front of me. Mostly I'm okay: my knee went into the dashboard and was a little sore, my neck is just now starting to get sore, and my brain is a little scrambled. I went to the ER, and I don't have a concussion, but my head aches, I'm really sleepy and dizzy, and I'm having a little bit of trouble talking sometimes. As for my car, the trunk is bent out of shape and won't open, and the ratchet that holds the driver's seat up against my weight is broken and gives way at unpredictable times (which qualifies it as "unsafe to drive" to the insurance company, so they're activating my rental-car insurance); there could be frame or engine damage I can't see, so it needs a visit to the body shop in any case.

Car accidents suck. I'm sore and tired and I can't think straight. Notwithstanding that, I did get some work done from home today, in between trying to take naps.

Why I don't screw on the first date any more. I like this piece. It's well-done and speaks articulately about something I think we all experience, men and women alike.

My parents sent me the best-ever birthday presents today. (I say that almost every year. I like my parents.) My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so it's a nice surprise.