cubical farm.

Well, not entirely. Kensington has a lot of offices, relative to most places. It's hard to express how strange it was to be in an office again, because I don't have a clear reaction. I was tired anyway and I got up pretty early to get there, and my knees are swollen and messed up somehow, and neither of those things really does wonders for my mood. I was also a little overwhelmed with the new environment and boatloads of information, especially with the news that they'd kinda like me to accomplish at least a little something before the end of the week. And we had a pretty stupid 40-minute phone meeting that really only needed to be 5 minutes, so I had some uncharitable thoughts at various times. It will be fine, though, once I adjust to working again, and my knees feel better and life is a little less hectic. Today I was so tired and frazzled that I couldn't really get any joy out of the thought of doing code or whatever else I'll be doing: one unusual thing with this job is that I don't know any of the tools, because it's all Windows stuff and I've been programming on Unix for the past three and a half years.

On the other hand, I have this insanely swanky laptop with accessories. Yow. I'm not sure I realized computers could go that fast.

If the job doesn't work out somehow, that's okay too. Not great, by any stretch, but the whole point of the past few weeks is that there are a number of things more important than jobs. It's a hard environment to keep focused in, though, and with the tiredness and injuredness I found myself dissociating several times, and I had to bring myself back to pay attention to what my boss was saying. The office feels sort of prison-like at this point, especially since it has all the bright fluorescent lights on and anyone walking by can see over my shoulder at my monitor. Tomorrow: sunglasses and baseball hat.

The world will settle down in a week or so. Meanwhile I have a job, from which I can even get home at a decent hour because the commute isn't as bad as it used to be.