too much TV.

I decided to not play with the computer so much today.

    11:17 <hgobioff> Television...the drug of a nation
    11:18 > I CAN QUIT ANY TIME I ooh "Dead Zone" marathon afk
    11:18 <msk> hahah
When you come to the end of it, 10 hours of television is really not much better than 10 hours of computing. Arguably it's worse since the computer requires some activity on your part, but I find it's not that cut and dried, and computing has its own lifesucking force. However, The Dead Zone is a fine show, and I recommend it.
    18:01 <frick> dax is hot
    18:01 <frick> i think it's the short hair
    18:01 > she's also hot.
    18:01 <frick> that always does me in
    18:01 > watching Dead Zone?
    18:02 <frick> nope, just watching her ass
    18:02 > fair enough.
    18:02 <frick> but yeah, the dead zone happens to be on tv too
    18:02 <weezyl> Heh.
    18:02 > they threw some softcore scenes in, too.
(The female lead is pretty thoroughly hot, and played a character named Ezri Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where she was also pretty thoroughly hot.)

Someone asked me yesterday if they could link to my journal. I appreciate a heads-up, but it seems contrary to the spirit of the Web to need permission--I don't know if some people get uptight about that sort of thing. If you have a problem with people linking to your site, it probably shouldn't be public.

It's funny how the focusing on the moment comes and goes in cycles. I woke up this morning in an obsessive loop imagining pathways and futures and relationships, and it took me some hours to get out of it, and even then the day's been a bit more down than usual, also coincident with watching too much TV and eating too much complex carbohydrates. However, it underscores the importance of being celibate for a while, for a variety of reasons but primarily to clear my head out and let everything settles. Relationships of all kinds induce so many strange feelings and states of mind for me, where I lose touch with what I want and what I'm feeling--who I am, even. Reality starts twisting and I can't see straight, I can't see honestly. And people get hurt, including me. So none of that for a while.

I'm still waking up before dawn. Sunrises are pretty, and I find it ironic that in truth I never want to see them, because it means I'm up too early.