I was in a bad mood. Then I left the house for an appointment. And I felt better. So I guess that worked out okay, but I wouldn't mind a more level mood.

All right. So I sat down and sorted through five hundred and friggin' eighty-nine pictures. I'm just going to clear with a couple people that it's okay for me to make their pictures more or less public. I promise. Check back tomorrow.

I spent yesterday evening with Mona, which was a terrific special time. I made dinner, one of my frying-pan concoctions...this was an onion, a zucchini, a broccoli (including stalk), some crushed garlic, and a whole bunch of spices (Joe's Hot Stuff seasoning, salt, white pepper, a little Cavender's Greek Seasoning, stuff like that), sauteed in garlic grapeseed oil, then with some olive oil, then some frozen shrimp dumped in toward the end until they thawed and warmed up. Lesson learned: plan ahead and do the onion first--I was more concerned about getting the bitter out of the broccoli, and the onion was sort of an impulse and took forever to brown when mixed with broccoli and zucchini.

I went back to aikido tonight, which was a good choice and lots of fun. It's such a fun, centering thing to do, and keeps me in better shape than I've ever been in. I've also decided to actually cut down on eating sugar--so far I've been losing weight without reducing the number of cookies I eat--so I can lose a little weight over the next couple of weeks for a party where I hope to pick up chicks. That's me. Don Juan. Smoove B. Yup.

I feel. That's about the size of it. I've been somehow unlocking a lot of things in my head, like...I dunno, like tuning in a radio station, or clearing a path through the woods. Being honest and being myself, taking the filters off of what I say or how I behave (defaulting to "filters off", and put them back on as social needs dictate) actually gets easier, which it didn't before...I had some blockages in my head that are now cleared or clearing. With few exceptions, I'm concerned now with expressing my thoughts and feelings, and only secondarily about the consequences of doing so; because the consequences will follow from me being who I am, and I can deal with that. I don't worry about what other people will think, because I can't know, and when I do worry about it, I set the worries aside.

I think I'm a lot more fun this way.