My library books are now two days overdue. This describes my day pretty well.

I had an interview this morning, a sadly rare and prized occurrence. I did okay, I think: interviewer and I seemed to get on well, I was articulate about my experiences and all the idle chat we had, I think I appeared relatively knowledgeable about health care (for which software they are hiring). Downsides: Enterprise JavaBeans are really important, and if I get a second interview they're going to call my bluff for saying that I could learn the technology in three days (the moment they call the bluff it's my responsibility to make sure it's not a bluff, which is doable, but a lot of work). They expect a lot of long hours. And (ouch) they're moving to San Mateo in the next year.

They're currently 1.6 miles from my house.

I already worked in San Mateo for over a year, and left in part because of the commute. Of course, the job I jumped into sucked pretty hard and I eventually got laid off and began my now-18-months of sporadic or nonexistent employment. But now is not the time when we can be picky about our jobs, so maybe I'm doomed.

I replaced the sheet on my bed today. I say "replaced", and not merely "changed" or "washed", because I discovered a few days ago that I had in fact worn through the sheet in several places, and the threads had separated and created holes. This was one of two sheets that I own for my bed (queen-size, if anyone wants to buy me nice new dark solid colors): the other one (black) I had actually made a neat cut in when opening the package, and it took me over a year to patch it, so the now-retired (blue) one was the only sheet in rotation for that time. R.I.P., I guess. I'm not really keen to buy new sheets right now, so I guess I stay with the black until it, too, disintegrates.

The job interview actually got me worrying about money last night, continuing into today. Not that it's ever been hard to get me to worry about money, but it's been peaceful worrying these past couple weeks, and a bit less so just now.

I'm in this weird space right now where I really want companionship and cannot find in myself the...decision, to do something about it. Decision is important, although it's only recently I've started to realize how important. Decision is knowing, inside, from the heart, what you really want. You've put everything into the balance, weighed the options, taken a look at the histogram of choices, and you move forward knowing this is the best choice you can make and this is What You Want, and you take a fork in your path. I've been doing pretty well acting that way, being honest with myself and others (maybe sometimes too much so, but I'll deal with that), and trying to be more who I want to be, which is closer to who I really am--sort of started with a hashing-out-a-bunch-of-crap meeting a couple of weeks ago, and I've stuck with it. The past couple of days have been serious I-need-cuddling time, coupled with a lack of social energy that leaves me with inaction about actually going and finding cuddling, one way or another.

Sheesh, I'm not even whining coherently.

So, I finally got all the developed photos resized and set up for the web. I just need to check with a couple people and make sure it's okay they're up there (there aren't any names anywhere, but folks sometimes think that a picture on the Internet is enough for someone to ruin their lives, even if their name and location are unknown), and then I'll post the link here. There are some stunning pictures, so while it made me twitch, I think it was money well spent. Check back here over the next couple of days.