I think I may have found a couple days' work, some little contracting thing for a medical service company in Hayward. And they need someone permanent too, so it can perhaps lead to future work. Go me.

I just listened to this monstrosity by Richard M. Stallman for the first time in a while, and I listened to a live Indigo Girls song a few times to clean out my ears. The Indigo Girls bring up for me a lot of positive emotions and good memories: the first album of theirs I ever heard, Rites of Passage was given to me by one of the freshman girls in my carpool senior year, who became far and away my most contentious friendship (but she's nice, and currently just starting out her Peace Corps stint in Peru). It's beautiful, energetic music, and I kept with it into college, where I think they formed the basis of my "college lesbian folk music" taste (more widely including people like Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos, Catie Curtis--women who aren't necessarily gay but write fairly complex and powerfully female music, often coming from the modern folk direction). There's a sort of warm fuzzy feeling I get, reminded of hanging out in people's dorm rooms at 3am watching movies or talking about nothing in particular; or the fun of flirting without much consequence, or of just having new people to play with handed to you.

This whole "adult" business has its advantages too, of course. The sex is better (and more relaxed and probably more frequent), I drink less and do more drugs (which is still not much), I smoke the occasional clove cigarette, I eat better and healthier food, I have more and better friends than I could ever have imagined (I liked Jeff so much that I got him to come join me, so he belongs to both worlds), and now I'm finally doing a martial art and loving it. And I'm still in the process of transforming somehow, especially with the aikido. I'm becoming more and more aware of the world around me, like I'm finally starting to see with my inside eye. Starting to become the person I thought I'd become, ten years ago.