sofa king full of food.

I got a free meal at Kincaid's as a reward for driving my cracked-out self back across the bridge to help put all the furniture back into the apartment where Woom was held. Of course, I forgot that was tonight, so I had already eaten dinner when I was reminded; but that's okay, I can always try a second dinner and see how it goes. Kincaid's is very rich, good food, and I actually went and got the rock-salt-roasted prime rib, which melted in my mouth, at least the half of it that I could eat--it was easily over an inch thick.

I was supposed to go interview for some bullshit QA job...but as I'm really thinking about it now, the interview is in San Rafael, the job is in Novato, and it's $15/hour contract, which means that I would end up with perhaps $6/hour, with a skanky commute and a job that would probably interfere with aikido (which is unacceptable to me if I'm going to be underemployed, and is barely negotiable if I'm not). So I think I will leave a message saying I can't make it.

I guess it would be nice if I could make these decisions a little more quickly.

Except for Jon and I hanging out with Mona for a bit, I didn't really do anything meaningful today, which is all right. It's been a heavy month or two, and I'm glad to have a lull and just be more or less happy for a little while, still glowing from yesterday's aikido, looking forward to my 6th kyu test on Friday night (and a little nervous, since sometime in the past week I seem to have forgotten how to do one of the techniques, and I don't have an uke yet to practice with), and just taking a few days to breathe and be calm and invite more good things to happen.