Feral pigs take over San Jose.

Long night last night. I really enjoyed it, although I spent some of it fending off the Emotional Bludgeon of the Well-Intentioned--one of my friends, not well-versed in life's complicated things, tried to explain how easy it would be for Mona and I to get back together if I just willed it to be so. I think, although I'm not certain, that he started to get the idea throughout the night that perhaps it's not at all that simple. It affected the tail end of my trip, but I inevitably get really cranky and broken at the ends of these things, so it's only ever a question of what I'm going to get cranky about. It's done, though, and he didn't mean anything but good by it.

Last night was a celebration of the web of connections that binds us one to another in this network of friends. I could see a lot of the connections between people, not with my physical eyes but with my inner eye.

(Lest you think this is some hippie California thing, I ask you to imagine a fire truck. Unless you're wired rather differently from me, you're not seeing a fire truck superimposed on whatever is in front of you, but you have an image of a fire truck in your mind. That place in your consciousness where the image of the fire truck resides is your inner eye, and it's possible to become sensitive to the world so that images appear in your inner eye from outside your mind. It doesn't require drugs, although those can certainly be helpful in opening doors for some people; it does require work and concentration and effort in any case.)

As with some previous Wooms, I got to reconnect with one of my friends in particular. We have a special sort of link that is difficult to describe; our friendship is chaste, but the years have shown deeper and deeper dimensions of love and caring than I ever thought existed; it's something so elemental and nonverbal that I really can't describe it, except that it feels like a very pure and special thing to have in my life, like a jewel with a light inside it. It is without obligation, fear, or stress, a great gift freely given and easy to accept.