Mmm, omelet. I made potato leek soup a few days ago, for the first time, and it's a surreal concoction, because there's nothing in it but potatoes and leeks. (Well, Mona says there's also soup in it, but I didn't add any soup and it came out fine.) Let the leeks sautee in butter in the pot for a little while, add stock and cut potatoes, let the potatoes cook, puree the soup in a blender, and you're done. Oh, sure, add salt or pepper to taste, and add cream if you want vichysoisse, but the leeks and the potatoes mesh somehow to produce the right balance of flavors, and unless you seriously know what you're doing with spices I think it's best not to mess with it.

Day three of the five-day aikido marathon. The only thing having problems is my left quadrucep; surprisingly the rest of my body is less cranky than it usually is after a day of rest. If I can still walk on Saturday afternoon I'll consider standardizing on four or five classes a week. It was a bad day overall, at least when I left for class, and yesterday was a bad day overall, when I left for class, so I think that qualifies this as generally a "not good" week, at best; but aikido cracks me up. It's like these moves you see people do in the movies, where the good guy twists someone's arm and they flip over--well, if you're doing that move on someone, it doesn't take any effort on your part. The person you're doing the move on will flip themselves over in order to avoid having their wrist broken. Done correctly it's so easy for the nage (essentially, the person who gets to remain upright; the person getting flipped is the uke) that I just bust out laughing, even (especially) when I'm uke.

Sorry, no deep thoughts today. I'm going to stretch and go to bed now.