When we last left our hero, he had decided that sobriety would be a good thing. That night (Friday) he went to see "XXX" at the Parkway, followed by Saturday night going to a party in San Francisco and drinking far, far more than was good for him, which reinforced the urge to sobriety.

Our hero is now rather tired, and at work in Santa Barbara. Saturday ended up being not quite as restful as he had planned, since he went with Laura to go visit Jeff in Palo Alto. Jeff broke his arm some weeks ago, had an operation last week to put in a couple of titanium screws, and because his car is a standard shift, he's stuck at home. So we brought him to get some books, followed by dinner at Celia's.

It's not been a good mental health week: a lot of feeling fragmented, to the point of being on the edge of blacking out and have my mind go elsewhere. There's a whole pressurized well of feelings happening that I feel really unable to deal with, and it comes out in a variety of physical symptoms. So I'm hoping it can come out a little bit at a time. Meanwhile I have to make efforts to get up and do things, like aikido, or talking, or work.

Speaking of which, work is going really well, as it spirals towards ending on the 30th. We're almost ready to release the code to the rest of the world, and it's actually going to be ready, which is a nice feeling.

Zang found this poem and forwarded it on to the mailing list. It's so dense and refers to so many points of history, in such a nationalistic manner (note the date at the bottom), that I barely understand it.