how odd.

So, my new niece entered the world yesterday. Everyone is happy and healthy, by all reports; my grandmother even wanted to venture out of her cabin in the woods (I'm not making this up, she lives in an in-ground log house in the middle of nowhere). I'm glad to have new members of the family; I am very far away from them and I wish I could visit more often.

Of course, my job ends on September 30th. Naturally. Just as I have even more reason to buy plane tickets to visit the gang back home.

Although I saw my parents at my cousin Zeb's wedding in Atlanta early in the month (as well as Zeb and his sister and parents, who I like a lot but have only met a few times--Zeb lives all of an hour away from me, and his parents up in Washington State, so there's not much excuse for not visiting), and with visiting them back in February, and catching up to them in New York City in April for the Dynamics show at Lincoln Center, I've seen them relatively a lot in the past year or so.

Tonight we went to the DNA Lounge, to see a Wil Wheaton vs. Barney the Dinosaur celebrity boxing match to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a big part of the mosaic of organizations that has so far kept the government and large corporations from implanting electronic chips in our heads (if you think I'm exaggerating, then you've not been paying attention to the changes in Western society over the past two hundred years--corporations will kill you if it will help their profits and they think they can get away with it). The event was suitably surreal, and lots of friends showed up, so I'd say it was definitely worth ten bucks. While waiting for that to start we went across the street to Studio Z, a fairly new club/performance space/gallery run by our friend Jon. We talked to him for a while, cruised the space--it's nice, and you should go there if you're around San Francisco.

I'm liking my job again, as the work I've been doing starts to pay off and turn into results that my employers can see and appreciate (although there's always plenty to do). I have a new project when I return in September, but I'll probably need to continue with the current one. It's fun, anyway. Looking for work is going to suck, but at least I can get a good reference.

That's another thing: Burning Man is next week, and I've left our preparations to be done this week. That's not horrible, since I'm available to run errands like food shopping and such during the day, but still, down to the wire.

I want to sleep.