I haven't written, again for no good reason. I was down in Santa Barbara visiting UCSB last week, which was good, although people keep disappearing for conferences and vacation. I missed the deadline I set for myself on Friday, so I'm trying to play catchup now.

Mona and I went to pick blackberries on Saturday, with Kelly and Rollie, who are a lot of fun, and we ended up drinking wine and watching The Muppet Show and crashing at their (sizeable) house in Woodside, a section of Redwood City, so it was a grand old time.

Today we went to Border's to take advantage of the 20% off sale, but we ran into Charles, Mona's friend who still works there, and it's Employee Appreciation Day, so we bought a whole bunch of stuff on his 40% employee discount, including some CDs I've been wanting, and several O'Reilly books, and The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, which is yet another step down the road to Total Tolkien Nerdiness. Good day all told, although I'm very tired.

The effects of last week's altered weekend haven't really worn off...I think I went into it with a good frame of mind, and in return I got a definitively pleasurable experience that left me somehow a little more balanced, mentally. The best such experience I've ever had, I think, and one of the best weekends ever, as well.