Mother fuck. Not fresh, but it hasn't gotten any better.

I'm feeling a bit lost these past couple days, not for any real reason other than that I've been working on hardware and other systems administration stuff and not making strong enough efforts to get off the couch during the day (that's where I work). I don't like sysadmin stuff, and I'm not very good at it--just two of the reasons why (surprise!) I'm not a sysadmin.

Unfortunately the trackpoint on my IBM Thinkpad, my primary machine, started to go nuts, and even some gentle prodding by Noah didn't fix it for long. When I called Tech Support to get the part number for the keyboard/trackpoint assembly, they told me the laptop is still under warranty. They sent me a prepaid box from Airborne Express and have been perfectly helpful on the phone. They also said they'd fix whatever they found wrong, not just what was in the problem report; the laptop came with two hard drives, both with IBM part numbers, and one of them died, so I put that one into the machine, and also sent my AC adapter that got fried in Mexico, so hopefully I will get some new hardware and a reconditioned machine out of this.

I do want a newer laptop, but I just got paid last week for the four days I worked in May, which means I won't get my full paycheck for June until mid-July, so no laptop for me yet.

So I'm a little crabby. Mona and I are planning to go to the Botanical Garden tomorrow, followed by a movie or two. I'll get out a bit, feel better.