I haven't written in a while. I keep starting entries that actually involve thinking, so I eventually get tired or distracted and don't finish them.

The big news is that I'm leaving OneSecure for a 4-month temporary employee job with UC Santa Barbara. I'll be working for the Alexandria Project, a big digital library thing, doing protocol development and random server-side stuff in Java. I have to be down there for a couple of weeks starting May 28th, and then the first week of every month after that. The money is better, and I get to be a software engineer again. Go me!

Around the same time, I got turned down for a prototype engineer position with Macromedia: as usual, "we thought you were really, really good, but we'd like someone with just a few more years' experience". This does nothing to help my feeling that prospective employers could just read my resume and save us both the wasted time of an interview. I'm not sure whether or not I'd rather be turned down on my merits or for lack of experience.

New York City (three weeks ago, now, I think) was a lot of fun...I'll get to writing about that eventually.