call me Fish-Mail.

I got home from work tonight, only to discover a conspicuous lack of Mona waiting for me. Not that I'd expected there to be a Mona here tonight, but much as the presence of Mona is conspicuous, so is the lack. I guess if you're with someone literally all the time for four months, and you don't kill each other, you might miss having them around.

Today's absolutely hilarious URL comes to us courtesy of Dan Bornstein, who owns the domain. The site generally has nothing to do with milk, which is pretty obvious on even a cursory reading. However, Dan is a gracious and kind human being (I like him a lot, as he is way nicer than I am and far less annoying), and responds politely to inquisitive, but not very well-thought-out, emails--and puts them on the website. Just read them.

I've also spent some time sucked in by, which is just a collection of quirky, non-repulsive pictures, unlike, say, Stile Project (I really, really, strongly suggest that you not visit that site, for a number of reasons, not least of which is that they use enormous quantities of JavaScript for popups and things which are likely to fuck up your browser). Codetroop, however, is browser-crap-free, and you'll like it.

    15:49 <FuzLogic> why are there so many people on junkies who belong in siberia
          where they are only allowed to communicate with each other and
          not the outside world?

    15:49 <iNoah> fuz, have you considered
          the possibility that perhaps junkies *is* that siberia?

Thinking about redoing my wardrobe a bit, for real this time. I'm feeling like my appearance is actually interfering with people seeing who I am, which is not a feeling I've had in a long time (although it may have been the case): but I am no longer, inside, a really unkempt college student clad in rotting t-shirts and flannel. I'm getting to be more of a well-matured, mid-20s guy who wears t-shirts without holes and casual cotton button-down shirts (I imagine black because I have two and they look good, but I guess there are other colors), possibly even tucked in sometimes. Probably still blue jeans and sneakers (not that I have sneakers right now either), but washing the jeans a bit more often.

On Sunday I biked to Jack London Square, through the madness that is Oakland's Chinatown. It was a big day all around, not just because it was Easter and there are lots of Chinese churches there, but Sunday also tends to be the day for Buddhist temples to have their weekly liturgies--not because Sunday has any special meaning (it specifically doesn't), but as a practical matter, people have Sundays off and are more likely to not be doing anything. So there were hordes of 4-generational Chinese families eating brunch out on the sidewalk, and on the way back I passed the place again, Light Of Buddha Temple, as people were getting into their cars. I looked inside, at all the colored decorations and shiny Buddha statues and accoutrements, and felt how long I've been away, how much I've been focused on my outer life and my relationships and moving around in the world, letting the ritual of Zen set aside for a while.

I bowed a couple times by way of reacquaintance.

I printed out the first page of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" today, and started learning to play it on the decent MIDI keyboard I bought on impulse from Radio Shack over a year ago and haven't set aside time to learn. I really like the song, and I'm glad I'm learning to play it. I could probably do with some real lessons at some point, though.

Who reads this, anyway? Email me if you're not my family (since I know you guys read it *grin*).