explain to me again why whiskey is legal and pot is not.

Make alcohol your anti-drug!

I moved to tthe Bay Area in June 1999 In that entire time, I have not seen a single person associated with either Loomis Chaffee, my high school, or Skidmore, my college. Not one.

Last night Mona and I were at the Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley, and I heard someone say "This place reminds me of The Parting Glass", my favorite bar of all time, in Saratoga Springs, NY. It turned out to be Colin Thompson, a guy a year behind me at both Loomis and Skidmore, who moved here a couple months ago and works for Pixar. Good guy and remarkably talented artist, although I can't say as I ever really spent much time with him.

On my way home from Aneel's place in San Francisco today, I stopped at a corner to cross the street and caught glances with an Asian woman who looked awfully familiar and seemed to recognize me, too--turned out to be Ming-En Cho, who sees Colin regularly at 3D-graphics happenings. Go figure.

Waiting to hear from a potential employer has a kind of delicious tension to it, at least if you've already got a job (and in this case, terminating the contract early is probably not so awful if I'm farther into it, so if they want to hire me, the longer they take to make the decision, the better). It's like waiting for a really cool Christmas present. More and more recently I've been wanting to move on with things, build software on a higher level--acquire a track record.

I think Northern California marijuana smokers are spoiled by the weed grown here. Apparently the quality of the stuff up in Humboldt and Mendocino is world-renowned, and it's kind of sad to imagine pot that's not up to that level.

This is all hypothetical, of course. Information from friends. Never touch the stuff myself.

Time to sleep and wait for news tomorrow...