Indian food day.

Today's catered lunch was Indian food. I had two helpings and bought 3 leftover dishes to rescue some of what was left. Mmmmmm.

I actually had some work to do today, which was nice. It's trained-monkey work, sure, but it pays. The contract will probably be extended if there's still work to do at the end of the three months--the contract is a way to get around the employee headcount until we have customers--but I'm not sure I want to work this far south permanently, and I definitely don't want to be this underemployed any longer than I have to. The experience is affirming to me that software design and construction are really what I like and am good at.

VA Software emailed me today, a little out of the blue: apparently someone from devgaf who still works there passed my resume on, which is awfully nice, as I can't say that I remember ever meeting him.*grin* I'd like to hear from CollabNet, but they seem to have all kinds of chaos happening, and I may have been either forgotten or put off until later. I may give them a call in a couple weeks.

I've decided that the espresso drink I have here needs a name: the Philistine Latte. A normal latte is espresso with steamed milk; a Philistine Latte is espresso (especially espresso of perhaps questionable provenance, extruded from a machine which grinds the beans and presses the grounds for you), mixed with cold milk, because it's a pain in the ass to steam the milk, the nozzle gets all messy and there's no cloth towels to wipe it off with--you get the idea. Oh yeah, and it's in a large plastic coffee mug that is starting to acquire a definite permanent coffee smell. All of these things, from the snob/connoisseur standpoint, harm the taste of the coffee, from the cold milk down to the (also cold) dirty cup. Strictly, you would use clean dishes, and run them under hot water to warm them up, as the shock of the cold damages the taste of the espresso (does the same for tea, too).

Philistine Latte.

Mona is at her apartment in San Francisco this week. We've been constantly together so much in past months, first when I was unemployed, then on the boat, and then again when I was unemployed and she was staying at the house, that now that we're spending more time apart I am missing her presence. Not that we necessarily talked or entertained each other all the time (which would be a bit taxing anyway), but she's comfortable, and she fits in my life, and I like having her around. And I like having her there when I wake up. Besides being Mona, she's usually much warmer than I am.*grin*

A group of my friends from Skidmore are having a reunion at a farm in upstate New York in June, and I'd like to get us there. I think we can manage it. They're fun people, geeky and overeducated on several accounts. And we can see my family again, and maybe get down to Cape Cod when it's actually sort of warm.

I miss Mexico, and I'm not sure why. I enjoyed it a lot: the sense of community, the laid-back way that anything happened, the way people weren't walled off from each other. I miss having to speak Spanish and having to understand a different culture all around me.