mmm, rain.

I'm no theologian, but I often think that God works in such mysterious ways that it seems problematic and really inaccurate to anthropomorphize...what pronoun shall we use? To say "he" is fraught with the peril of gender-biased language; "it" does not indicate the will or power that we suppose God to possess. "She", while more pleasant and paradigm-shifting, introduces possibly confusing conflict with how the scriptures are translated, and I don't think it really adds to the discussion, since God as painted by the Bible has all the feminine attributes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his movie oeuvre.

(While clearly indicating that I watch too much television, I should point out that Mr. Schwarzenegger has done a great number of nonviolent movies playing large, inarticulate, caring characters; and even a lot of his action movies have some niceness to them, like he's only blowing up buildings to save his family or something.)

It rained the past couple of days. This makes me happy.

I guess if you put a bunch of people together in a common situation long enough, of course they develop their own mythology.

"This country is getting annoying," says the friend who alerted me to this gem. I wonder how long until they discover that the American educational system is in such decay that there aren't necessarily enough Americans who can actually perform these jobs. And really, I wonder how many foreign nationals actually spy for the US. We don't seem to hear about them, as much as we hear about people like Wen Ho Lee, who get arrested and harassed because they're Chinese, and people like Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, who were prolific and largely successful spies--oops! Hey, they're American citizens! They're not supposed to do that!

Morons, I tell you. And it's not just the government. What is this human tendency to use a shotgun where they should be using a scalpel?

In other news, I think I was right about the Inktomi job, that the manager plans to reshape the position after the current guy vacates, into something with much more systems administration and much less development. This explains why she's very interested in hiring someone else; I can only guess that the reason they haven't turned me down yet is that they'd like to have me as an emergency reserve if no one better turns up. Fortunately for them my friend Mike is also applying for the job, and he's very qualified for it, so they should hire him. For me, I'll probably take the contract job I've been putting off.

Today I'm going to attempt Chicken Tikka Masala from scratch. Wish me luck.