Well, today was relatively mild. Previously, however, it's been freezing.

Things are looking up on most fronts: it looks like I'll have a contract opportunity available when I get home, and I had an initial phone screen today with a company I'd love to work for. The recruiter seemed to like me, which is helpful, but I don't even get a technical phone screen until they have a hiring meeting on Tuesday, where they look at my history and academic record and decide if I'm worth the effort. After a technical screen, who knows. I'd love to work there, though: good company with stellar prospects and excellent environment. We'll see.

I realized yesterday that my favorite coffee shop in the whole world, including California, is right here in South Hadley, Massachusetts. It's called The Thirsty Mind, and I think if you're in Western Massachusetts it's worth a visit for a few hours. They just moved into a larger space in the same building, in the Village Commons, which is a wonderfully architected retail/office space across the street from Mount Holyoke College. Solid colors greet you in every aspect (I love solid colors), lots of books, and excellent coffee and munchies.

It looked like we'd be able to ride Amtrak the rest of the way home, but when I went to buy tickets it turned out that Southwest's One-way Internet Specials are substantially cheaper, and of course faster...not much more comfortable than Greyhound, but for only ten hours it's bearable. So we get home on Wednesday night.

I went foraging in the basement tonight, and didn't find what I wanted (my last grade report from Skidmore), but found a bunch of other things, including some essays from my senior classes. I'm a damn good writer when the fit comes on me.