We're in South Hadley, Massachusetts, at my parents' house. We got to take Amtrak this time instead of Greyhound, and I can barely express how much more comfortable it is. Beyond the vastly larger seats and the ability to get up and walk around, it turns out the coach cars have 120VAC outlets, so I could plug in my laptop and play (although it turns out it needs some upgrades, like Python 2.2 and some XML stuff).

I'm seriously stressed about my extended unemployment. I get more stressed with each passing day, afraid that the longer I'm out of work, the harder it will get to find, and that there's something horribly wrong with my resume that makes me unemployable. There's not, of course--I'm wondrously qualified and everyone should hire me--but it weighs on my mind as I try to find a rational explanation where none seems to exist.

My mind has a slightly obsessive quality to it, so I try not to dwell on these things, just like I try not to dwell on the fact that I had a job interview that looked promising and I flubbed it, or the fact that I spent some hundreds of dollars on malaria medication I thought we would need, but now will likely go to waste, just because some random clown named Greg Retkowski is an asshole.

I know everyone wants to know what's been going on in my life, and that's entirely reasonable, but I can't always talk about it. I don't know how it makes you feel, but it sure gets me down. *grin* Talk to me about cookies and ice cream. I like those.

We had a good time in Indiana. Mona's Mom and friends are good people, and we had a lot of fun. I finally got to see Chicago, too, when we had an eleven-hour layover there...Weezyl drove up from Urbana to play with us, bless her heart, and she drove us to the Art Institute (more about that some other time) and to Ed Debevic's, which, despite the premise, I found to be really pleasant, with good food. Good time.

Has anyone else noticed that I have a hard time coherently ending a journal entry?