We are home. We left Guanajuato Sunday evening on a bus for Mazatlan (14 hours); we hung around in Mazatlan for a little while, and left for Tijuana Monday afternoon (26 hours). JD and Gina, thinking a road trip sounded like fun, drove down from San Francisco/Oakland to get us, and we were happy to see them.

From Los Mochis, a ways north of Mazatlan, there is a whole lot of nothingness. Rough desert country, lots of cactus and scrub brush, and at one bus stop in Sonora I got off the bus and got hit by a dust cloud. The air there felt thicker, heavier...something more solid about the place, as if the harsh landscape permeated the buildings and the people. Apparently they see far fewer white people there, because the little kids stared at me at length.

It feels good to be home. We've been visiting with a bunch of random people, prior to the cocktail party tomorrow night. A little bit of social overload, but I've missed everyone.

Starting to think about the near future, finding work and such. It's not terribly encouraging. I hear Peet's Coffee has benefits.

Home. Nothing like a few months spent among idiots and assholes to really make you appreciate your families. It's so nice to be here with our (unfortunate and largely nonfunctional) fireplace, the kitchen, the heat registers, the couches, my bed. And while we were gone, the house got an ice cream maker, and an espresso machine that actually works.