Wow. We were starting to relax and put the bullshit behind us, when I get this gem from Greg's girlfriend Cherie:

Now I am getting ready to head to Paradise [Paradise
Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta, where we left to
supposedly go to Tenacatita and points south]. Greg is
there, and he has been getting more stuff fixed on his
boat.  I am not sure what his plans are except that I
think he still wants to cruise south and still cross
over the Panama Canal in March.

Basically this means that whatever twisted thought process was happening in Greg's head, and however he and Cherie justify it to themselves so it's OK, Greg lied to us about what he was planning to do with the boat, then made it difficult for us to leave. We would have gone to Puerto Vallarta, either to continue on with the boat, or to more easily get our stuff off and continue on our way. Instead he wanted to drop us in Barra de Navidad (see last entry for full story), a remote resort town of 3,000 people, from where we would have had to haul our stuff, a very full carload, to the nearest place we could ship it out from (Manzanillo, where we did pressure him into taking us).

It's sad that this is interrupting the good time we're having here in Guanajuato; but there's also a pathos in the situation apart from us. First that Greg behaves in this manner, and second that Cherie seems willing to overlook it. I mean, that's fine to a point: the people we love can only stick around if they forgive us our foibles and faults (hi Mona!). But how far do you take that? He lied to us to get us off the boat, and tried to ditch us in rural Mexico with about 3 times as much stuff as we could carry.

But if he's fine to her, is that OK? Should she care? Is it to be expected that she views this simply as one of his faults that "needs to be worked on," in spite of the consequences to others? I guess it varies. And I'm hungry right now, so I really don't have any answers: just a stream of profanity running through my head, and a fervent hope that karma brings it all back to him.

Which I figure it will, but I doubt he'll get the point.

William suggested we visit El Gallo Pitagorico/The Pythagorean Rooster, a continental/Italian restaurant above the Teatro Juarez here, apparently a hangout for the expat/emigre crowd. He said it was a reference, presumably to one Juan Bautista Morelos, who penned many strongly-worded articles under that pseudonym prior to, and possibly during (I didn't read that closely), the Revolution in the first half of the 19th century. It was his nickname, but the only other reference I could find was to sayings of Pythagoras: "Do not sacrifice the white rooster, for it is sacred to Moon and tells the time," and "Contemplate the white rooster," neither of which particularly jumps out at me with any kind of sense.

So I think I will go there now.

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