We're in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We finished the Ha-ha with a couple spinnaker wraps and some busted deck hardware, but nothing really serious.

Mexico is like the US, only different. Coca-cola, Pizza Hut, many familiar brands in the supermarket. Everything is different, but not radically different, especially since I speak the language.

I'm typoing this on a Spanish keyboard which has been set to English layout, which is entertaining, and somewhat slow and error-prone.

In Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortugas) Mona and I had an absoluytely wonderful time hanging out with the local women who were cooking for the barbecue for us: Gloria, Enedina, and Victoria. Kind, giving, wise and wonderful human beings. Few people spoke English, so I did a lot of interpreting and discovered that, in fact, I speak damn good Spanish. Mona helped them split lobsters for th e barbecue, and they gave her a bottle wrapped in twine, with some fake flowers, "for helping kill lobsters". That got lost, so we stayed late looking for it, and then my green duffel bag disappeared, with some useful and hard-to-replace stuff in it. Which kinda sucks, but we ended up at Gloria's house with her husband and the other women and these guys named Willy and Juan (and maybe Jorge, I don't remember), and that just kicked ass.

I told Gloria that Mona knows herbs, and she took Mona to the garden and uprooted an aloe plant and gave it to her. Then Gloria's husband Che was telling me he does something with collecting abalone, and they thought I didn't know what it was, and I told them I'd never had it, so Che goes into his freezer and hands me a bag of some random abalone-like shellfish (carcarron, I think he called it). Just nice, wonderful people.

Cabo San Lucas...so many fucking Americans. And they all sem primarily focused on drinking. Mona and I don't really drink, so it's a bit of a hassle being around a horde of people for whom drinking is the recreational activity of choice. But we're ignoring them and enjoying Mexico anyway. More on that later, I guess, for the travelogue when we get back. So many stories...and we've only been at it for 3 1/2 weeks. Hard to imagine the stories of people who have been cruising for decades.

And how are you?