I'm finding my attention span for computers (well, IRC and the Web) and television to be much diminished. Maybe because I'm so focused on getting ready to go on the boat, I dunno.

One thing we immediately noticed about New Orleans was the Dunkin' Donuts a block down from the hostel (roughly diagonally across the street from the 24-hour pub). So we made a few trips there, because in California it's impossible to get a raised chocolate-frosted donut with sprinkles. There are raised chocolate-frosted, and sprinkled cake donuts, but no raised sprinkled. I really haven't been able to find out why this should be--about 99.9% of donut shops in the Bay Area are run by Chinese people, so I don't know if there's some cultural opprobrium attached to raised sprinkled donuts (although I rather doubt it). I tried to ask the people at the Happy Donut Factory on 24th Street in San Francisco, but I somehow failed to communicate the substance of my question effectively.

But, I get some entertainment out of thinking that I went to New Orleans so I could eat at Dunkin' Donuts.

Oh, hey. Jeff lives here now! He arrived on Sunday or Monday, so we found him in my living room when we got home. It is good to have him here, even as we disappear on Saturday.


Just made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, for no particular reason. And now we're watching Sesame Street (the grown-ups just hurt Oscar's feelings by asking him to stop grilling liver and garlic, so he's moving off Sesame Street).

Heard President Dumbshit on the radio today, talking about the FBI's new "Most Wanted Terrorist" list. "Terrorists try to hide in the shadows; and we're gonna shine the light of justice on 'em." I guess the idea is that if you see Osama bin Laden in your local supermarket, you should be able to recognize him and alert the local authorities immediately.

Who the fuck writes this shit? Britain's Tony Blair has been doing a lot of public speaking lately, because someone somewhere realized the world wanted to see at least one Western leader capable of displaying intelligence and speaking articulately. I realize Dumbshit can only handle short sentences and words, but there must be a way to make him sound better than a retarded parody of John Wayne.

Maybe I'm just too optimistic.<grin>