Watching Invader ZIM--fucked up. What a great show, although it's startling to see Jhonen Vasquez associated with Nickelodeon, of all people.

(eventually I'll be putting travel writings in their own directory--maybe in a couple days. for now, here they are.)

We spent our time in New Orleans in the French Quarter, because it's easily accessible, and the other things to do in New Orleans are (1) more expensive, and (2) far away if you don't have a car. We stayed at Longpre Guest House after the first night...$12/night for a dorm room with 8 bunks in it, and a shared bathroom. It was surprisingly clean, if not what I would call "nice" (I'm flexible about what I can live with, but my definition of "nice" includes a distinct lack of holes in the walls, or slats showing through the plaster, etc.). The St. Charles, where we stayed the first night, is $30/night and slightly more upkept, although our room was, uh, musty. But both places are delightfully pest-free, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for those traveling on a budget and willing to bring their own towels along.

Bourbon Street is the most astonishing ode to alcohol consumption I have ever seen or heard of. It's like the parties we had in college, only every single night...the gutters get filled with trash, and in the mornings the street gets hosed off and the bars get restocked with booze and everything gears up to start the party all over again. It bears some resemblance to the Endless Cocktail Party of the Douglas Adams Hitchiker's Guide series (the second book, I think).

Possibly the most entertaining part of the whole trip came last night (Monday), when we were on a side street, and Mona was standing on a stoop and we were hugging and talking...and these drunken rednecks sped by in a pickup truck, yelling "Faggots! Fucking dirty faggots! Faggots!".

(For those of you just tuning in, Mona and I are pretty obviously female and male, respectively.)

So last night we went out in the French Quarter, and since our flight left at 0700, we decided to just hang out and sleep in the airport. We had a long, boring day of traveling. I hate airplanes. Got a couple free blankets out of it, at least.