the smallest hint of a mean streak.

I'm not always nice. I've never believed niceness is always appropriate, just like I've never believed nonviolence is always appropriate (it usually is, but there exists a significant population of people who will only respect you if you're willing to punch them).

On September 10th, this monstrosity appeared.

On September 18th, The Register, that most bitter of computer industry flamethrowers, noticed the article and published this marvelous commentary.

Soon afterward, I was bored and somewhat cranky, and having a low tolerance for fools, I wrote this little gem, in classic Usenet style.

It's not a bad day when you have fun finding a synonym for "poltroon".

Jeff is finally leaving on the 3rd, so he should get here around the 7th or 8th. Mona and I will be drinking and wandering aimlessly around the French Quarter, but we'll be back on the 9th. When are we getting on the boat? Well, that seems to be up in the air; or, if it's been decided, we haven't been told. Alas, the skipper's website is no help.

Ack, it's 0403 on the 26th now. I should go to bed--I've been on a cleaning frenzy, and I've finished my mail filter that will sort my mail into boxes, and allow me to do journal updates from my Yahoo! account, without logging into my shell from some random place (this will also prevent me from getting caught up in geeking while I'm traveling). Basically I send an email to myself with the s00per-s3kr3t code sequence, the mail filter (written in Perl with Mail::Audit) detects it and calls a function to turn the body of the message into the journal entry, and re-generate the index.html so it contains the new entry. It makes me a nerd beyond redemption, I know, but it solved a number of my problems (I needed filtering anyway), and it was fun.

I'm tired, and I have too much to do, and I want to be gone.