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I bought a power inverter from Radio Shack yesterday, then discovered I'd overpaid by $40 or so. Ordered one online, returned the Rat Shack one. Grumpy guy behind the counter was really unhappy...maybe he was having a bad Rosh Hashanah (he had a yarmulke), or he works on commission.

This got forwarded to a list I'm on.

I'm not the least bit frightened of terrorists. I am very, very scared of the United States Government.

I'm angry at my country for what it's doing, in a way that I have never, ever experienced before. In the past, we have been wrong, stupid, and misguided in a lot of our endeavors, but on the whole things have been OK. I could laugh and say "Yeah, no one does it quite like we do, which is often wrong", but on the whole I honestly believe we were making the world a better place than it would have been otherwise.

Now, we are on a crusade to turn the entire planet into Hell.

Shit. Just erased yesterday's journal entry. I hate computers.